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  • ISIS Targets Muslim Youth on Social Media

    The Brian Lehrer Show

    The argument for open borders is compelling — and deeply problematic.

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  • Governor Says 'No' to Refugees — But New Jerseyans Say 'Yes'

    While Gov. Christie says no more refugees, residents of New Jersey are embracing them.

  • Gyrocopter Pilot Who Landed On Capitol Lawn Pleads Guilty

    Florida mailman Doug Hughes landed his flying machine on Capitol Hill last April to bring awareness to campaign finance.

  • Spy Convicted of Leaking Classified Secrets to Israel Is Released

    The Jonathan Pollard saga for years divided public opinion in the United States, and became both an irritant and a periodic bargaining chip between the United States and Israel.

  • Trials Test Relationships in Albany

    If federal prosecutors have their way, friends with benefits will be a thing of the past in Albany. 

  • Times Square Workers Show Concern — and Confidence — After Paris Attacks

    After the ISIS video showing Times Square, tourists might change their plans to visit — but those working there can't.

Arts and Culture

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  • Cartoon Connection

    The documentary "Very Semi-Serious" bills itself as a "partially thorough portrait" of the cartoonists at the New Yorker. Whatever the challenges, they always get the last laugh.  

  • Coney Island on my Mind

    Most of us feel we know Coney Island, even if we've never spent much time there. The enduring memory of America's 'Dreamland' on display at the Brooklyn Museum.

  • Episode 8: Young, Gifted, and Black — and Gay

    Empire Afterparty

    In this episode, Hakeem carried the day. But whatever happened to Jamal? Y'know, the gay one who had a huge storyline for the entirety of Season One?

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  • Edie Falco Drops the Needle

    The Naked American Songbook

    Nurse Jackie’s Edie Falco ditches her scrubs and joins Julian Fleisher to explore the music of her past on the Naked American Songbook Tuesday 7pm ET/Thursday 10pm ET

Tech and Media

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  • Listen Up! Day 5: Yes, And... !

    Only Human

    Mastering the art of listening is also about mastering conversation. With help from the world of improv comedy, you'll learn how to take your listening skills to new heights. 

  • Square Goes Public And Fields A Flood Of Customer Complaints

    Morning Edition

    The mobile payment startup Square has grown rapidly and went public this week. But it is dogged by complaints from small businesses that use it.

  • It's A Necklace And It Could Be A Lifesaver: Wearable Health Gadgets

    The challenge from UNICEF: Make a wearable device that can improve health. And the winners are...

Music for your day

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  • Quiet Hollers: Roots Music with Indie Swagger


    Catch a live set in the Soundcheck studio featuring the stirring Louisville five-piece.

  • Weekly Music Roundup: Missy, Bowie, St. Germain & SVIIB


    This week, music before and after tragedy; an unexpected name-check as Missy Elliott returns; and David Bowie is still keeping secrets. 

  • Duncan Sheik's Latest Sleight of Hand


    The veteran songwriter and burgeoning Broadway darling visits the Soundcheck studio to play songs from his new album. 

  • Raury: On the Highway to Stardom, Looking for a Few Friends


    The blissed-out rapper and songwriter performs live on Soundcheck. 

  • Elvis Costello's Music May Be 'Unfaithful,' But It's Always Surprising


    The musical chameleon takes host John Schaefer on a dizzying musical tour, from Penny Lane to the Hammersmith Palais to the London Symphony Orchestra, from punk to jazz to ballet.

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