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  • Miranda July Asks: What’s On Your Mind?

    Studio 360

    She makes movies, she writes fiction, and now, she tells fortunes.  When we found Miranda July would be coming into the studio, we decided to put those skills to the test.  We asked you to write in with your questions about the future — and we thought the results were a fascinating survey of what’s going on in the hearts and minds of America’s creative people. Miranda July fans, anyway.

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  • Comic Chameleon: Reggie Watts

    Studio 360

    The comedian Reggie Watts doesn't tell jokes: he's a pianist who can mimic any musical genre and a multilingual savant who's a genius with accents. Watts performs live in our studio and shows Kurt how he uses improvisation to make every show unique. 

    Reggie Watts performs live in our studio!

  • First Listen Live: Iron & Wine Debuts "Kiss Each Other Clean"

    Live tonight in The Greene Space, Iron & Wine performs their upcoming album, "Kiss Each Other Clean," in its entirety for NPR Music's First Listen series.


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  • Here's The Thing: Rosie O'Donnell

    Here's The Thing

    This week, Alec sits down with Rosie O’Donnell who says she “never wanted to be a talk show host …  I wanted to be on Broadway…I wanted to be a Bette Midler backup singer, one of the Harlettes.”

  • Gig Alert: The Elwins


    ARTIST: The Elwins

    DOWNLOAD: "Forgetful Assistance"

    SHOW: Wednesday at Glasslands ($10)

    Most high school bands end after graduation. Not so for the Canadian indie poppers The Elwins. The group came together in between classes and study hall back in 2008 – and when school was out, this band just kept going. Now firmly adults, the quartet still taps into the energy and excitement of their teenage days.  

  • Edith Head

    Fishko Files

    With Hollywood’s big night coming up this Sunday, a question: Who has the most Academy Award nominations and Statues of any woman in history? It’s Edith Head, once Costume Designer to the stars. WNYC’s Sara Fishko has more, in this edition of Fishko Files...


  • Noël in a Foreign Land

    The Next Big Thing

    We all have our particular rituals around the holidays. For Next Big Thing producer and Canadian ex-pat Amanda Aronczyk, December means time to hit the streets and chat up – in Quebecois – the guys selling Christmas trees. Sure, they’re busy, but they don’t seem to mind the company.

  • Please Explain: Trees

    The Leonard Lopate Show

    You may have noticed that leaves have started turning, marking the end of summer. On today’s Please Explain we'll find out why leaves change color and everything else about trees, with Jessica Argate, Forest Manager, New York Botanical Garden, and David Allan Sibley, author of The Sibley Guide to Trees.

Hmm. Interesting...

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  • Samantha Bee

    The Leonard Lopate Show

    I'm pretty laid-back quizzo Neutral Milk Hotel share a new experience. I hate lists using my farmshare introvert sushi parallel parking, Sunday funday I don't really like talking about myself as friends the simple things in life long-term dating. Chilling at a bar with friends The Daily Show my smartphone my beard my friends tell me they don't get why I'm single discussing politics.

  • Ask the Insider: Behind the Scenes at the U.S. Open

    During the 2010 U.S. Open, WNYC will be talking with players taking part in the tournament and we want to ask them your questions.

    American tennis twins Bob and Mike Bryan became the world's winningest men's doubles team earlier this year in Los Angeles, beating the long-standing record of 61 career titles held by Aussies Todd Woodbridge and Mark Woodforde, aka "The Woodies." Since that time, the Bryans have racked up three more titles and are seeking number 65 here at the Open.

    They answered your questions:

  • You Just Don’t Understand: An Edith Wharton Celebration

    Selected Shorts

    Two intricate tales of love and emotional manipulation by American master Edith Wharton.

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  • Data news test

    With the U.S. Census Bureau's latest data on median household income in New York City, WNYC heads to middle of that figure to find out what it feels like to survive there.

  • First Listen Live: Iron & Wine Debuts "Kiss Each Other Clean"

    Live tonight in The Greene Space, Iron & Wine performs their upcoming album, "Kiss Each Other Clean," in its entirety for NPR Music's First Listen series.

  • The US Navy's Long History With Libya

    The official marine corps hymn has a line about Tripoli in it. Why? The U.S. Navy actually has a long and established history with the North African country, dating back to the Barbary Wars at the beginning of the 1800s. 

  • President: Drill (Some), Baby, Drill

    The president unveiled a new offshore oil drilling plan yesterday. Environmentalists say the plan risks beaches and marine life for little reward, while Republicans say it doesn't open enough opportunity.


    Is offshore drilling a reasonable compromise to make on the way to cleaner fuels? »

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Events from The Greene Space at WNYC

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  • Hurricane Irene Shuts Down City Concerts, Block Parties, Fairs

    Hundreds of public events, including street fairs, concerts and block parties, that were planned for this weekend in New York City have been cancelled due to Hurricane Irene. Mayor Bloomberg revoked city permits for all activities happening Sunday, and has ordered that Saturday events be shut down by 2 P.M. due to the storm.

  • Joe Paterno Fired by Penn State After 46 Years

    The Takeaway

    Penn State football coach Joe Paterno was fired by the college's Board of Trustees Wednesday over a sex abuse scandal involving a former assistant coach. Thousands of students reacted violently, rampaging through downtown State College. President Graham Spanier was also removed as the university tries to stanch the bleeding over allegations that former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky sexually abused eight boys over 15 years.

  • WQXR Beethoven 32-Piano Sonata Marathon ALL DAY PASS

    Hosted by WQXR Radio Hosts, Midge Woolsey and Terrance McKnight. Can’t get enough Beethoven?  Don’t suffer in silence.  Join us for this extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime event at The Greene Space,